Exposure Lights Blaze Mk3 Rear Light with ReAKT and Peloton

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Blaze Mk3 Rear Light with ReAKT and Peloton

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Innovative ReAKT technology makes the Exposure Lights Blaze Mk3 Rear Light an intelligent choice for ensuring you're highly visible to approaching road users.

The light will automatically strengthen as you brake, and adapt to suit the surrounding ambient light. Peloton mode means you won't dazzle others on your bunch rides, and when using DayBright mode the double strobe will really cut through distractions on busy roads to ensure you're seen. With a number of modes to choose from and a maximum output of 150 lumens, you're sure to find a suitable lighting output for most conditions.

Exposure Lights Blaze Mk3 Rear Light with ReAKT and Peloton

The Exposure Lights Blaze Mk3 Rear Light automatically adapts to the surrounding conditions and situation to provide just the lighting you need for a safe commute or group ride out on the roads. ReAKT (Ambient Kinetic Technology) is responsible for this intelligent system, strengthening the emitted light when you brake, and adjusting to the surrounding ambient light.

Making group rides safer and more enjoyable for the riders around you, Peloton mode will detect approaching bike lights from behind and dim accordingly. When you're at the back of the bunch, it will brighten to provide a strong tail light for the benefit of yourself and other road users. This Exposure light emits a maximum of 150 lumens and has a number of modes to choose from.

The Optimum Mode Selector enables you to switch between just two modes - flashing and solid, making it easy and quick to flick between them mid-ride. DayFlash is a double strobe that is ideal for daytime riding, especially when the sun is low in the sky, and cuts through distractions on busy roads, significantly enhancing your visibility to others approaching from behind.

Runtime is between 6 and 48 hours depending on your choice of mode and with a charge time of just 4 hours, via the included USB charge cable, this light will soon be ready for your next ride.

This Exposure Product Includes

  • Blaze MK3 ReAKT Peloton
  • Seatpost bracket
  • USB charge cable
  • Quick start guide


  • ReAKT Technologies
  • DayBright
  • Cable-free design
  • Intelligent Thermal Management
  • Optimum Mode Selector
  • Fuel gauge
  • LED configuration: 1 x red XPE-R Cree LED
  • Lumens: Maximum 150
  • Battery: 1500 mAh lithium-ion
  • Runtime: 6 hours - 48 hours
  • Rechargeable: Mains and USB
  • Charge time: 4 hours
  • Weight: 77 grams
  • Anodised 6063 aluminium
  • Water resistance: IPX6
  • Length: 70mm
  • Head diameter: 28mm

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