BBB Meander Relaxed Saddle

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Meander Relaxed Saddle

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BBB Meander Relaxed Saddle

It shouldn’t matter how long your rides are. Whether you are cycling on a city bike, e-bike or touring bike, you want to sit comfortably on your saddle under all circumstances. The Meander saddles, available in four width sizes, guarantee you of the comfort you need. They are thick and soft, in other words, a soft cushion for your behind.


  • City saddle for Relaxed cycling posture
  • FLOAT foam, an innovative foam that absorbs shocks and is more comfortable than regular foams
  • Durable synthetic cover
  • Polypropylene (PP) shell with elastomer suspension and integrated bumpers for extra protection
  • Waterproof, integrated carrying handle
  • Rails: Boron
  • Sitbone width: All
  • Weight: 584g
  • Dimensions: 205 × 265mm
  • Colour: Black

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