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Cannondale Cargowagen Neo 1 Electric Cargo Bike

This item is no longer available to buy. View similar products.

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Cargowagen Neo 1 Electric Cargo Bike

Introducing Cargowagen—an impressive fusion of power and agility designed for urban life. This versatile cargo bike boasts a small footprint yet packs a punch with its stability, maneuverability, and robust capabilities. Whether navigating city streets, bike lanes, or simply cruising around town, Cargowagen is built to handle it all. Its primary purpose is to effortlessly transport you, your kids, and/or your belongings to your destination. With a remarkable total capacity of 200kg, this bike ensures you can carry two kids and a plethora of items with ease. The Bosch Cargo Line motor provides seamless power, the 725Wh battery offers an extended range, and the Enviolo Heavy Duty Continuously Variable Transmission allows for smooth gear ratio changes at any time. Get Your Carry On with Cargowagen, where convenience meets capability.

Experience the joy of running errands with Cargowagen—a bike that combines practicality with pleasure. Featuring a low and wide StepThru frame, a stable yet agile handling system, and a low center of gravity, this cargo bike exudes confidence and control even when carrying heavy loads. The compact dimensions make parking and storage a breeze, adding to the overall convenience. Powered by Bosch's reliable e-bike technology, Cargowagen is equipped with drive systems specifically tailored for heavy loads, ensuring powerful performance with the option for an additional battery. The 20-inch wheels contribute to the bike's durability, providing a lower step-over height and center of gravity for easy mounting and dismounting, enhancing stability and agility simultaneously. Packed with practical features, including a heavy-duty kickstand, wheel covers, chain guard, running boards, fenders, lights, and a lock, Cargowagen is ready for any task on your to-do list. Explore additional accessories like front rack options, rear deck add-ons, and trailer mounting points that accommodate various trailer types, making Cargowagen the epitome of versatility and functionality.

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