Ergon GP1 Handlebar Grips

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GP1 Handlebar Grips

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Ergon GP1 Handlebar Grips

The winged Ergon GP1 Handlebar Grips significantly improve comfort when touring, mountain biking or simply commuting, reducing the risk of numbness, tingling and pain in the hands, wrists and forearms. The ulnar nerve and the carpal tunnel are two areas that can suffer badly, particularly over rough terrain or long days in the saddle, and the wing grip distributes pressure more evenly to prevent pinched nerves as well as placing your wrist in a more ergonomic position. 

Engineered from a super soft, textured rubber compound that is UV-resistant and durable, grip is excellent. These grips are easy to mount, via a cold-forged aluminium clamp and single bolt on each side, and they're available in two sizes to optimise hand position.


  • Made in Germany
  • Gripping confidence is enhanced with Ergon’s super soft, UV-resistant, durable compound and specific texture pattern
  • The wing design gives the hand more support and automatically puts the wrist into a more ergonomic position, preventing numbness, tingling and pain
  • The wing grip increases the hand’s supporting area by distributing pressure over a wider surface and thereby preventing discomfort in the ulnar nerve
  • Clamping system is extremely secure and easy to mount
  • Two sizes - small and large (see images for sizing)
  • Variants: Regular (both grips are the same length) and Rohloff, Nexus gear systems
  • Use: Mountain bike / touring / commuting
  • Clamp: 100% recyclable aluminium
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: 165 grams (per pair, size small)

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