Finish Line Speed Clean Bike Degreaser 558ml Aerosol

Speed Clean Bike Degreaser 558ml Aerosol

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Bike cleaning can be a pain.

It wont be with the Finish Line Speed Clean Degreaser 558ml Aerosol. Simply spray onto metal parts and the degreaser does the rest, eliminating grime and grease quickly. No need to rinse, the formula just dissolves away, preparing the surface for lubrication.

Finish Line Speed Clean Degreaser 558ml Aerosol

Keep your bike in pristine working condition with the Finish Line Speed Clean Degreaser 558ml Aerosol. Designed to instantly eliminate dirt and grease from metal parts, whether that be disc brake rotors, the cassette or derailleurs. The degreaser prepares the metal surface, ready for lubrication to be applied. A mess-free cleaning product, the Speed Clean does exactly what it says on the tin, it works quickly!

Dissolving rapidly, there is no need to rinse and the low surface tension means the formula will get into those normally hard to reach places with ease. Removing moisture, Finish Line has created a product that is ideal for use after riding in the wet or the dry.


  • A super fast and super easy way to clean metal
  • Instantly dissolves and removes grease and grime from disc brake rotors, chains, cogs, and any other part that needs a thorough cleaning
  • Leaves the surface perfectly prepared to allow the best possible performance from your lubrication, by allowing maximum penetration and adhesion
  • Evaporates quickly to leave no residue, and no water rinsing is required
  • Speed Cleans' extremely low surface tension will also displace any moisture from nooks and crannies, making it good to use after a wet ride to take care of your bike
  • The Aerosol is CFC free, and exceeds the Californian Clean Air Resource Board VOC standards

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