GT85 Bike Cleaner and Spray Lubricant 400ml

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Bike Cleaner and Spray Lubricant 400ml

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GT85 Bike Cleaner and Spray Lubricant 400ml

A long-standing favourite with professional and amateur bike mechanics alike GT85 Spray Lubricant 400ml is a general-purpose cleaning/lubricating spray fortified with PTFE. With its CFC-free propellant, GT85 is environmentally friendly and ideal for anywhere 'non-sticky' lubrication is required.

It should be noted that whilst this product is great at water displacement and general lubrication it is not advisable to use directly onto sprockets or chains as it can (and will...) find its way past seals and into greased areas before partially dissolving the lubrication in critical places such as bottom brackets and hubs. Rather use it for sticky cables or pivots and carry out more localised lubrication of chains and the like with a dropper bottle that offers more control.

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  • 400ml can lasts and lasts
  • Supplied with applicator tube
  • Ideal for treating squeaks and creaks
  • Every workshop should have a can

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