Lezyne Digital Pressure Over Drive Tubeless Track Pump

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Digital Pressure Over Drive Tubeless Track Pump
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Mounting up your tubeless tyres with an easy, metered and monitored jet of air, the Lezyne Digital Pressure Over Drive Tubeless Track Pump is an intelligently and intricately designed track pump that fulfils the road riders needs.

Hitting 220 psi with ease and offering a durable steel and aluminium construction for an outstanding longevity, this pump is sure to see you right when filling up for your ride.

Lezyne Digital Pressure Over Drive Track Pump

When confronted with the issue of seating up your tubeless tyres and getting them right up to pressure in one swift action, the Lezyne Digital Pressure Over Drive Tubeless Track Pump swiftly deals with most all of the possible difficulties you could encounter. Intelligently designed and made from high quality machined aluminium materials, this is a long-lasting, quality option for hitting the upper inflation limits of your tyres.

Using a secondary inflation chamber separated out from the main one, this pump can work either directly or as a tubeless mounting system, storing the air as you pump in the cylinder before discharging a strong, powerful blast of air that is more than capable of seating tubeless tyre systems.

Making use of a highly accurate digital pressure gauge to provide you with an accurate and metered understanding of how much air is actually sitting inside your tyre, this pump assures you of a better insight into your real-terms set up, giving you the very real ability to replicate your setup down to the detail.

An integrated foot lever offering a robust means of releasing their pressure, this pump is finished with a neatly made wooden handle, giving you a pleasant, reassuring quality in the hand as you work to fill your tyres.


  • A secondary chamber can be manually pressurised and the stainless steel foot-lever releases the compressed air
  • This discharges a strong, continued blast of air that quickly seats tubeless systems
  • Equipped with super accurate, custom digital gauge
  • Durable steel and aluminium construction with stylish wood handle
  • Extra-long, nylon-reinforced braided hose
  • Presta and Schrader compatible ABS1 Pro chuck
  • Max: 220 psi / 15 bar
  • CNC aluminium machined barrel and piston
  • Integrated foot lever
  • Wooden handle for superior feel in the hand

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