Muc-Off Disc Brake Cleaner 400ml

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Disc Brake Cleaner 400ml

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The Muc-Off Disc Brake Cleaner 400ml helps to improve braking performance without the oily slippage often associated with non-specific cleaners.

The unique formula helps to re-hydrate the disc pads while also cleaning the disc rotors themselves, creating a cleaner and more durable surface.

Muc-Off Disc Brake Cleaner 400ml

The Muc-Off Disc Brake Cleaner features 400ml of a unique formula with added conditioners that re-hydrate the disc brake pads to dramatically reduce brake squeal and prolong the disc pad life. The recipe contains 'split-fibre' technology to increase surface area absorbency and eliminates smears or blemishes, evaporating quickly to leave the disc brake rotor with a perfectly clean, uncontaminated surface.


  • Rapidly removes brake dust, oil, dirt and grime from pads and rotors
  • Reduces brake squeal
  • Safe to use on rubber, plastic, anodised metals, carbon fibre and painted surfaces!

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