Muc-Off E-Bike Ultimate Kit

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E-Bike Ultimate Kit

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Muc-Off E-Bike Ultimate Kit

A must-have for any electric bike aficionado, this Muc-Off E-Bike Ultimate Kit contains everything you need to keep your ride fresh and clean, including two specific electric bike lubricants designed to survive the punishing torque of a motor. The classic Nano Tech and Drivetrain cleaners quickly disperse dirt and grime, keeping your bike sparkling and running silky smooth, and the combination of MO-94 and HCB-1 delivers superior protection against rust and corrosion.

E-Bike Ultimate Kit Includes

  • eBike Dry Lube - 50ml
  • eBike Wet Lube - 50ml 
  • Nano Tech Bike Cleaner - 1L
  • Drivetrain Cleaner - 500ml
  • HCB-1 - 400ml
  • MO-94 - 400ml
  • Microcell Sponge
  • Claw Brush
  • Two Prong brush
  • Soft Washing Brush
  • Microfibre Cloth


  • Includes everything you need to keep your electric bike fresh and clean
  • A selection of brushes ensures easy cleaning of hard to reach areas
  • All products are safe to use on electric bikes
  • Comes with a handy, tough workshop toolbox
  • Includes two eBike lubes, for dry and wet weather conditions

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