Specialized Creo 2 Comp Carbon Electric Gravel Bike

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Creo 2 Comp Carbon Electric Gravel Bike

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Creo 2 Comp Carbon Electric Gravel Bike

BEST-IN-CLASS AMPLIFICATION: The brand-new TURBO SL 1.2 system sets the industry standard for efficiency, delivering a remarkable range of up to 120 miles. It generates a substantial 33% power boost (320 Watts) compared to its predecessor, distributing this power evenly over an ideal pedalling cadence for an almost otherworldly riding experience. With an impressive 43% increase in torque (50Nm), this power kicks in instantly, effortlessly conquering even the steepest hills. And, when it comes to noise, less is definitely more, as we've reduced decibels by a significant 40%, resulting in a nearly silent ride.

CONFIDENCE-INSPIRING TIRE OPTIONS: While we've equipped the Creo 2 with 700 x 47c tires, it offers the flexibility to accommodate tires as wide as 29 x 2.2 inches. The generous tire volume provides a plush and assured ride, even on the most challenging terrains. What's more, with the Creo 2's power, you can enjoy the benefits of these larger tires on the road without sacrificing the smoothness of your ride.

FUTURE SHOCK 3.0: The Creo 2 incorporates the innovative Future Shock 3.0, offering 20mm of buttery-smooth travel at the handlebars, reducing impact forces by an impressive 53%. Future Shock maintains a steady grip on your hands and handlebars, ensuring a smoother ride with enhanced control to keep you fast, secure, and confident, all while reducing fatigue during long days in the saddle.

ADVANCED GEOMETRY FOR VERSATILITY: Creo 2 introduces our most progressive geometry yet, enabling you to tackle everything from expansive highways to challenging gravel paths with unwavering confidence. The more ergonomic endurance position provides exceptional comfort, empowering you to ride all day long.

PRECISE CONTROL WITH DROPPER POST: Enhance your stability and control across various terrains by lowering your bike's center of gravity with the dropper post.

AMPLE CARGO CAPACITY: Whether you're embarking on a light or fully-loaded journey, Creo 2 accommodates a range of front, rear, and low-rider racks, proving that you can carry everything you need.

INTUITIVE E-BIKE CONTROL UNIT: Creo 2 features our most advanced and user-friendly e-bike control unit, seamlessly connecting the bike, Turbo OS, Specialized App, and rider, all presented in a secure and easily visible display. The MicroTune feature provides real-time fine-tuning of power output levels, optimizing your range management and performance.

MASTERMIND TCU: Serving as the bike's central hub of intelligence, the MasterMind TCU displays comprehensive ride information, enabling real-time adjustments to support levels, facilitating over-the-air updates for continuous improvement, and seamlessly integrating with the Specialized app for advanced tuning, on-trail diagnostics, customizable displays, and more.

FULLY-INTEGRATED SPECIALIZED APP: Creo 2 seamlessly connects with our all-new Specialized App, allowing you to tailor your motor settings, record your rides, customize your display screens, track your data, sync with other applications, and enhance security with Turbo System Auto-Lock.

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