Stan's NoTubes DART Puncture Repair Tool

DART Puncture Repair Tool

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Stan’s NoTubes DART (Dual Action Repair for Tubeless) is a puncture plug system that not only plugs the hole in the tyre but also reacts with the existing sealant to seal the puncture more effectively.

This tool includes two DARTs, visible and ready to deploy beneath the clear cap and a built-in valve core remover.

Stan's NoTubes DART Puncture Repair Tool

The DART Repair Tool from Stan’s NoTubes is a puncture plug system for tubeless tyres that reacts with the sealant as well as physically blocking the hole in order to form a more effective repair. The DART has a barbed tip that holds it in place rather than relying on a tight fit, and the material used is less damaging to rims and rim tape than some alternatives. No trimming is required and the excess material won’t be felt even when used with high-pressure road tyres. The tool holds four DARTs (two are included with this tool) in a lightweight and ergonomic design which allows for precise application of the plug without any risk of damaging the rim, and the handle includes a built-in valve core remover for convenient topping up of sealant.

Replacement DART Tips are available to purchase separately.


  • Repairs large punctures and slices
  • Reacts with Stan’s sealant to form an instant, airtight seal
  • Barbed plastic tip anchors into the tyre and will not pull out when riding
  • Flexible material and laser-cut shape conforms to puncture and bonds with the sealant
  • Wears off clean, no trimming needed, and can not be felt while riding, even on road tyres
  • Lightweight, compact tool fits the shape of hand for more precise use and includes built-in valve core remover
  • Includes two pre-loaded DARTs for sealing multiple and larger punctures
  • Clear caps keep DARTs clean and unthreads quickly for fast deployment
  • Simple and easy to refill

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