Tern GSD Sidekick Wide Deck Rear Rack

GSD Sidekick Wide Deck Rear Rack
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Tern GSD Sidekick Wide Deck Rear Rack

A very handy addition to Tern’s GSD bike, the Sidekick Wide Deck Rear Rack increases comfort if carrying a passenger and improves the bike’s load-carrying performance when used with cargo. With a capacity of 35kg per rack, the platforms can be used to support larger loads or heavily laden panniers and the slots help when securing awkwardly shaped cargo. 


  • Supports up to 35kg per deck (70kg total)
  • Extends the GSD rear deck out to 12cm for added comfort and foot protection
  • Keeps loads low to the ground for improved handling and stability when riding with heavy cargo
  • Provides extra support and reduces strain on fully loaded Cargo Hold 37 and Cargo Hold 52 Panniers
  • Slotted openings make it easy to strap in heavy or unwieldy cargo
  • Combine with the Captain’s Chair or Clubhouse+ to carry long items vertically (think fishing poles or gardening tools)
  • Strong, durable design made from corrosion-resistant aluminium
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible Bikes: Tern GSD Gen 2
  • Compatible accessories: Tern Cargo Hold 52 Panniers, Cargo Hold 37 Panniers, Kontti Basket, Bucketload Pannier

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